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If you are looking for a mobile bail agent, look no further than the bail bonds service at Bail Bonds Made Easy of Contra Costa, CA and surrounding areas! I am an expert bail agent, licensed to secure your release anywhere in the state of California. I can provide emergency bail bond service around the clock.

When you are arrested and taken into custody, I provide jail bail to get you released as soon as possible. You deserve to be at home with your family. Let me post your bail so you can get there! Bail bonds are not always clearly explained. As a bail bond service, I am keenly aware of the different types of bail bonds you may be presented with.

• Cash Only—When you are presented with a cash only bail bond, you must pay the full amount of the bond to the police station or court house as directed. This type of bond is typically reserved for specific felony cases.

• ROR—Commonly called ROR, being released on your own recognizance simply means that the courts are trusting that you will appear as directed based on your word.

• Surety—When you are given a surety bond, contact me! Surety bail bonds are those that utilize a special type of insurance. You will give me a portion of the bail, and I will make a promise to the court that you will appear.

No matter what type of bail bonds you require, call me! I can advise you about the best course of action. If you want to get out of jail and back home to your family, bail bonds are typically required. It is the type of bond that you are given that is important!

If you have been arrested, call me at Bail Bonds Made Easy in Contra Costa, CA and surrounding areas immediately. I am here to get you out of jail and back where you belong.